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MOP Plus

Optimized for Remediation

MOP Plus is a proprietary blend of super absorbing ingredients including patented MOP absorbents. MOP Plus is specifically formulated for the oil and gas industry in response to the need for an affordable way to address the waste problem associated with oil or water base cuttings as well as any other application where drying out substrates is required.

MOP Plus has distinct advantages because it is lighter and more absorbent than any of the existing alternatives including fly ash, sand, clay and other similar absorbents. Vigorous testing of MOP Plus has shown that when it comes to remediation, MOP Plus is more cost effective than these and many other commonly used absorbents.

MOP Plus offers the dual advantages of requiring less absorbent to address each day’s waste production and dramatically reducing the shipping costs associated with both the delivery of the newly manufactured absorbent and disposal of the used absorbent.

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