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JPO 300 Series Ultra Blend

When it comes to quickly and cost-effectively cleaning up spills and leaks—and removing waste—Ultra Blend Absorbent delivers a level of performance

you may not have thought possible.

Ultra Blend possess extraordinary holding power for cleaning up spills of virtually any liquid, on any surface, and in any industry, at a competitive price.

* Non-toxic * Non-hazardous * Non-leaching * Biodegradable * Non-carcinogenic * Landfill-Friendly

If you work with chemicals that can leak or spill, Ultra Blend Absorbent should be the major weapon in your cleanup arsenal.

Ultra Blend can clean up oil spills and over 325 other toxic substances

  • Waste minimization

Ultra Blend Absorbent can help significantly minimize waste because it weighs less and absorbs more than most competitive absorbents,

thereby reducing the reportable tonnage of waste shipped offsite.

  • Superior performance at an economical price

Ultra Blend Absorbent has the highest absorption rate compared to conventional products. Just one 2.2-cubic-foot bag will absorb up to

12 gallons of oil or petroleum-based liquids.

  • Fuel blendability

A unique feature of Ultra Blend Absorbent is its ability to be fuelblended. That’s because Ultra Blend Absorbent has a BTU value greater than

13,000 BTUs per pound. Ultra Blend Absorbent is readily dispersible with fuel liquids. It can be transported in bulk tankers without

significant tank settling problems, and in many instances, it enhances the BTU value of the fuel sent to the cement kiln.

And because of the unique qualities of Ultra Blend Absorbent, the waste generator can also expect favorable economies in disposal costs.

  • Safe for onshore and offshore use

Ultra Blend Absorbent is extremely versatile. Ultra Blend Absorbent almost instantly absorbs virtually any type of petroleum spill on water, soil, grass,

and solid surfaces.

  • Biodegradeable & Landfill-Friendly

Can be safely used in landfills and Reduces disposal costs by up to 75% when compared to clay

  • Improve safety and compliance

The dollars spent on absorbent products are insignificant compared to the cost and liability of a mishap that occurs from improper or incomplete cleanup and disposal. Worker injuries lead to lost productivity, worker’s compensation claims,health care bills, lawsuits, and more.

JPO Ultra Blend is available in 1.25 lb containers, 10lb pails, or 100 lb drums

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