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Soil Amendments For Healthy Soil

Soil Amendments create Healthy Soil. They are applied to agricultural fields where they create soils that produce higher crop yields with more nutritional content when compared with agricultural soils not using GreatGrow products.

The Soil Amendments provide a consistent microbial quality and quantity, unlike compost and compost based products which we find vary greatly in microbial quality (aerobic as compared to anaerobic) and quantity.

The properties of our soil amendments enable the beneficial, aerobic biology in the soil to convert anaerobic soil conditions into aerobic soil conditions. Aerobic soil provides the growing conditions that plants such as crops, floriculture, turf, and vineyards require. Anaerobic conditions promote the growth of plants that we generally consider to be weeds and are subject to creating soil compaction.

Conversion of poorly aerated soil to well aerated soil is required to improve the health of the soil. Healthy soil promotes the growth of healthy plants which, in turn, have greater nutrient uptake and are less susceptible to the harm caused by disease and extreme weather conditions.

The "safe harbor" environment provided by the granules enabled by this method of introducing new microbial life is very effective as a means of introducing new microbial life. They do not adsorb highly soluble synthetic chemicals which would harm the beneficial biology.

Toxic soils often can be remediated on-site with the use of GreatGrow's Soil Amendments in conjunction with GreatGrow's Dry Mix Foliar Sprays when used as soil drenches. Healthy soils with an active, aerobically behaving microbial population can reduce the leaching of nitrogen compounds into ground water, enabling the soil to increase its water and oxygen holding capacity. These microbes break up soil compaction while keeping the soil flocculated.

  • Reduces Fertilizer, Chemical Use and Dependency
  • Improves Soil Structure
  • Enables More Efficient Water Usage
  • Assists in Root and Foliage Disease Suppression
  • Develops and Supports Flocculated, Aerobic Soil Conditions
  • Continually Restores, Nurtures and Expands Beneficial Life in Soil
  • Improved Soil Health is Scientifically Measurable
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