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Absorbent Solutions

True North Environmental Solutions uses JPO Absorbents: Take a look at their mission statement

Our mission is to save the environment, one cleanup at a time.

And we take our mission very seriously. That’s why we’ve developed and market remarkably effective cleanup solutions that are environmentally friendly and future focused.

We think that makes us a lot like our customers—people who believe in keeping the environment as clean as possible and in cleaning it up in the most effective and economical way with good-for-the-planet products.

Starting in the Northeast, our success has taken us throughout the United States. Our products were initially marketed to fire departments and hazmat first responders. They proved to be so popular and effective that our company has expanded into serving the needs of the automotive and truckingindustries, salvage and waste disposal companies, town garages, municipal facilities, environmental cleanup service providers, waste to energy plants, chemical manufacturers, restaurants, professional ballparks, commercial cleaning companies, and do-it-yourself homeowners.

We’re proud of our products and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee

We know you’ll be amazed at the power of our products and welcome your cleanup stories.

The best absorbent for oil spills on water. Soaks up 30x its weight and repells and floats on water completely.

Once encapsulated will not leach.

Broad spectrum super absorbent will contain over 325 different types of liquids absorbing 6x its weight.

Super absorbent hydrocarbon only will contain 6x its weight. Repells water

super absorbent 18"x18" pads, boom socks, 12"x12" pillows, and custom made spill kits for vehicles, loading docks,

or spill sites

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